Wagner TestimonialCollectors, Ty and Rebecca Wagner – PA

Lisa produced a beautifully vibrant oil pastel titled, “Storms Rolling in Over the Fox River” based on her storm watching experience.

Once we saw this artwork, it immediately reminded us of our own adventures of peacefully watching storms brewing over the Great Lakes and frantically fleeing from storms while canoeing on lakes and rivers.

Lisa’s high quality artwork projects her love of painting, and the diversity of her work and subject matter will appeal to a wide range of collectors.

We sincerely look forward to Lisa’s future inspirations and incredible creations!




Nicole and Nate GottsCollectors, Nate and Nicole Gotts – MI

The picture is one of the first focal points you see when entering the front door.

The “peeping tree” painting brings in the surrounding Michigan woods indoors and the color paints, allow the neutral walls and home décor to pop.

Your painting is a favorite of mine because it captures nature and I really love the blending of foliage and earthy tones added to the scenery.

It will always belong no matter what wall coloring a choose in the future. I went with a hardwood, dark frame to highlight the darker strokes of paint and a grayish, blue matted frame to raise the blue from it. I’m already eyeing up a few more of your outdoor scenery oil paintings.

Thank you for helping to make my house more of a home.


Collectors, Dr. Elizabeth Sosinski & Waleri Podkowirow EsqCollectors, Dr. Elizabeth Sosinski & Waleri Podkowirow Esq.

We have commissioned Lisa to create several works of art for various family  members.

Each piece captured the essence of the individual for whom it was  created.

Lisa’s ability to express a person’s characteristics through art is extraordinary.

We look forward to seeing her future works and we are confident in her great success as an artist.

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