Winter Rescue

Winter Rescue

I’ve decided to make Day 30 my Public Service Announcement. I use to be really big into social commentary, now I’m into friendly reminders of the everyday stuff we forget.

Driving home from painting I was mesmerized by the shadows cast by different objects. Maybe it’s being outside more, maybe it’s the cold crispness of the air but the colors were popping!

There has been a bevy of snow this year and it occurred to me I didn’t see many hydrants, well except for Herb down the street who use to sell fire hydrants and fix them. The path to his hydrant is impeccable!

Should a fire happen our firefighters need to see those hydrants. This little guy I painted was pretty visible but it takes all of us to make our environments safe.

So there you have it. 30 days of painting, mostly outdoors with vodka or inside under the influence of spicey and bubbly things, and a gently reminder to help out those who signed on to help us. ( For you Catwoman, you superhero you!)

Stay tuned folks. For those of you who have come along for this ride, there will be surprises – TBA – Next service announcement!

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Winter Rescue 4"  x6 " Oil On Canvas

Winter Rescue
4″ x 6 “
Oil On Canvas

  • Winter Rescue
  • 6″ x 4″
  • Oil On Panel
  • SOLD


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