Valentine 2014

Valentine 2014


I wanted to make sure I sent out some LOVE for Valentine’s day. Been fighting a great mix of flu and cold so over the internet is the safest bet for us all.

Actually, because I’ve been on the down low all week and not outside much I must say, in moderation, the computer is a beautiful thing.

Where can you in one week sell a painting to California, meet another artist in Australia, and Watch a Video of another Plein Air Artist giving some tips in the mountains of Switzerland, all from the comfort of your couch? And actually in two of the three interactions, I’m really excited because I have met some very interesting and cool people.

Point is, nothing beats human contact but, contact of all sorts can help us to grow as individuals. Make sure not only on Valentine’s Day but everyday you take the initiative to put yourself out there and grow. We never know who has been put in our path to conquer our next obstacle, or goal or help us to think and become a better you, a better me.

So here’s some internet X’s & O’ s today, compliments of the internet, germ free.

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Valentine's Day 2014 6" x 4" Oil On Canvas

Valentine’s Day 2014
6″ x 4″
Oil On Canvas

  • Valentine 2014
  • 6″x 4″
  • Oil On Panel


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