It was a beautiful, sun up, warmed up day.

I decided as I stood completely enveloped in the beauty of nature, that for me to succeed in this lifetime I will have to get out and paint everyday. That is my success. To use the gift and get a two-fer in the wonder of nature.

I was feeling so good I treated myself to a Starbucks, café Mocha to celebrate, 8th wonder of the world.

When I came home I finished up the piece and wanted to title it something along the lines of Success…as a reminder of this day.

I thought that was a lame title so I bothered the Thesaurus for an equivalent. It caught my attention that another word was Lord. Well, that being said I hope he heard my plea too. I use to shy away from the beauty of nature, feeling like I could never do it justice. Now I realize I need to explore it, in order to quench my soul.

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Lord 7" x  5" 0il On Panel

7″ x 5″
0il On Panel

  • Lord
  • 7″x 5″
  • Oil On Panel-Private Collection


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