My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

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My Favorite Things 5" x 7" Oil On Panel

My Favorite Things
5″ x 7″
Oil On Panel

It sometimes is so fascinating how the smallest simplest object can evoke strong thought or emotion.

Take the wine cork for example. Is it because it’s the end product of a celebration? A relaxing night with friends? Or just the daily medicinal potion? I don’t know about you but seeing a wine cork makes me happy.

Heck, they are even making floors out of cork these days, that’s like a floor of happy.

Sometimes with things like art, you are unable to put into words what you are feeling.

Slowly but surely we have become a visual world.

Emotions are stirred, so by all means take a minute to view and just for yourself, ask yourself the why. Or just enjoy the emotional ride. Cheers.


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